Dunlop Endurance Championship Logo
Silverstone International
9th April 2017

Dunlop Endurance Championship Logo
1. Phil Hanson / Nigel Moore 170
Tockwith overall winners based on number of wins, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
2. Jacob Mathiassen / Steve Fresle 170
3. Chris Murphy / Jonny Cocker / Jody Fannin 145
4. Alyn James / Dan Wheeler / Martin Byford 116
5. David Mason / Calum Lockie 107
6. Frank Bradley / Tom Howard / Mike Moss 93
7. Manuel Cintrano / Javier Morcillo 91
8. Mike Wilds / Anthony Wilds 85
9. Ian Lawson / Kevin Clarke / Ryan Lyndsay 82
10. Fabio Randaccio / Nick Randall / Ben Salmon 74
11. Daniel Woodard / David Birell / Alex Craven 63
12. Ian Heward / Darelle Wilson 60
13. Bonamy Grimes / Johnny Mowlem / Charlie Hollings 56
14. Nick Holden / Andrew McKenna 55
= Marcus Fothergill / Dave Benett 55
= Sam Allpass / Lee Atkins 55
17. Mark Cunningham / Peter Cunningham 52
18. Leyton Clarke / Simon Atkinson 47
19. Jonny MacGregor  37
20. Ruben Anakhasyan / Ollie Hancock 34
21. Neil Primrose / Chris Hart / Graham Roberts 31
22. Richard Neary / Martin Short 25
23. Nigel Mustill / Craig Dolby 22
24. Neil Garnham / Rob Young 20
= Del Shelton  20
= Darren Nelson / Nigel Greensall 20
= Mike Moss / Tom Howard 20
29. Neil Garnham / Rob Young / Matt Le Bretton 17
32. Glenn Finn / Richard Burrows 20
30. Ashley Woodman / Keith Hemsworth 15
31. Nigel Hudson / Adam Wilcox 14
32 Richard Burrows / Glenn Finn 10
= Chris Kemp / Stuart Hall 10
= Jim Geddie / Glynn Geddie 0
= Steve Harris / Paul Rose 0
= Dean Gibbs / Jonathan Packer 0
Dunlop Endurance Championship Logo
1. Chris Murphy / Jonny Cocker 258
2. Marcus Fothergill / Dave Benett 174
3. David Mason / Calum Lockie 89
4. Rick Nevinson / Brad Nevinson 61
5. Jonny MacGregor  59
6. Neil Garnham / Rob Young / Matt Le Bretton 57
7. Ruben Anakhasyan 52
= Steve Fresle 52
9. Peter Challis 40
10. Manuel Cintrano / Javier Morcillo 38
11. Bonamy Grimes / Charlie Hollings 31
12. Paul Rose 29
= Mike Wilds / Anthony Wilds 29
14. Colin Wilmott / Jack Wright 23
15. Steve Harris 21
16. Nigel Mustill / Craig Dolby 18
17. Neil Garnham / Rob Young / Matt Le Bretton 14
18. Dean Gibbs / Jonathan Packer 11
19. Fabio Randiccio / Nick Randall 1
20. Steve Glynn 0
1. Mike Moss / Tom Howard / Kevin Clarke 222
2. Del Shelton  202
3. Martin Parsons / Rob Hedley 117
4. Andy Robinson  102
5. Rob Hudson / Adriano Medeiros 82
6. Lance Gauld / Alisdair Gauld 74
7. Steve Burke / Mark Gilham 53
8. Sam Allpass / Lee Atkins 51
9. Alyn James 44
10. Simon Green / Trevor Keats 31
= Barry McMahon / Roger McMahon 10
= Peter Seldon /Matt Seldon 10
12 Fareed Ali 0
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Hedley Cowell Events Ltd T/a Britcar
P O Box 202 Lindford, Hampshire, GU35 0YD
01420 257194
07534 369892

For all Championship enquiries please go to Claire Hedley:-

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Media enquiries to Chris Valentine:-

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Staff Profiles

Claire Hedley
Managing Director
Historic racer and former Thruxton instructor Claire boasts 20 years' experience of race and event management, including numerous 24-hour races, and was the force behind the old Britcar for some 10 years before leaving to raise a family. Claire is now heading the revamped Britcar organisation, generating revitalised enthusiasm for customers and staff, and taking it forward with new style.

Rob Hedley
Technical Director
Professional driver and IT consultant Rob has been contracted by some of the world's blue-chip multi-nationals and is married to MD Claire. He comes into race championship management bringing a wealth of hands-on experience which includes single-seater racing in the USA and a host of appearances in Britcar and classic racing through the years, utilising these skills when drafting and developing the regulations. Rob has also recently discovered a new vocation as a pitlane commentator.

Sarah Bell
Accounts & Admin Manager
Sarah is very new to Motorsport but has a new found love for it already. Passionate about customer service, fanatical about finances and an all-round 'Miss Moneypenny', she is thrilled to be working with Claire and Rob for the new face of Britcar Endurance and can't wait to see it flourish!!!

Paul Cherry
Quiet, unassuming, but supremely talented, Paul has been snapping at Britcar events from the very first season in 2002, and has provided some iconic images over the years, not just on-track action, but candid paddock and pit-garage shots too, with a unique artistic flair.

Chris Valentine
Media Manager
Chris is responsible for incoming requests for anything regarding our drivers, teams and the Championships themselves, outgoing press releases, organising media accreditation. Salsa-dancing, tart-eating IT wizard Chris also enjoys a spot of photography, and has raced for five seasons, mostly in Porsches; as well as two seasons in Britcar he finished 4th in class in the 2016 Creventic 24 hours of Silverstone.

Steve Wood
Press Officer
Woody has been Britcar's wordsmith from the very start in 2002, and has rejoined this year after a short absence. With published work in all major UK motorsport magazines and websites, Steve digs for the news and files reports on all the Britcar championships, lending his experience of over 50 years of motorsport history. When not slaving over his keyboard, this Production Engineer and former magistrate is partial to a bit of Motown and Reggae.

Paul Bates
Logistics & Set-Up Co-Ordinator
Paul has the honour of being the very first Britcar champion driver, way back in 2002, and now finds himself involved again on the organisational side, his credentials earning him the respect and favour of the paddock. The Essex printer has been busy in the intervening years, creating unique and innovative racing series, and brings his skill and experience gained there into the Britcar organisation.

Julieann Bates
Assistant Championship Co-Ordinator
Julieann is married to Paul Bates, and shares the family skill, experience and enthusiasm for motorsport, having for many years been co-ordinating for the Fiesta Junior Championship and the Smarts4U series. Essentially Claire's right-hand woman, assertive without being authorative, she ensures that things run smoothly on race weekends.

Colin King
Event Staff
Colin has been with Britcar since 2004, and boasts nearly 20 years of experience, taking in all aspects of race marshalling, in series ranging from F1 through WEC, BTCC, F3 and British GT. Colin is the go-to guy for raceday logistics in the paddock and pitlane.

John Peat
Event Staff
John entered the Britcar fold in 2004 after several years of marshalling, which he still performs on non-Britcar weekends at tracks around the country. A horticulturist by trade, John is part of the team responsible for pitlane and paddock matters.

Tori Peat
Event Staff
Married to John Peat, Tori is also an adept trackside and pitlane marshal, and lends her experience to practical and administrative matters on Britcar racedays.