After a successful first season of Esports held during the 2020 lockdowns, the E-Series is back with the ButtKicker Britcar-Endurance PPR E-Series.

The 5 round championship will see the same cars as the real life Britcar Endurance and Praga Championships battling over a 5 round series with 2 separate categories, with the ‘Pro’ category catering for real life racing drivers who dabble in simulators and a separate ‘Sim’ category for professional and enthusiast sim-racers to compete on a level playing field.

ButtKicker is a brand of the Guitammer Company who specialise in low frequency audio transducers which let users feel low-frequency sound (bass) and are musically accurate, powerful and virtually indestructible. They are used extensively by sim-racers to help them feel the vibrations of the engines, thump of the gearshift and bumps in the road.

As well as being the title sponsor of the E-Series, the ButtKicker brand will also appear on the real life cars taking part in the Endurance and Praga categories for the remainder of the season and ButtKicker have generously donated prizes for the champions in each of these categories as well as rewarding the E-Series Champions. Praga are also offering a prize of a test in the real life R1 to the winner of the ‘Pro’ driver category in the E-Series via their UK Motorsport arm VR Motorsport.

Andrew Luden, Guitammer’s Head of Gaming "The Guitammer Company, maker of the ButtKicker® line of immersive haptic devices, is proud to partner with Britcar & PPR Esports to sponsor the ButtKicker Britcar-Endurance E-Series. ButtKicker products are used by gamers and sim racers worldwide to add immersion and excitement to any game. Sim racers from amateurs to professional drivers use ButtKicker products to feel gear shifts, acceleration, engine vibration, and more. ButtKicker brings sim racing to life with a new sense of connection to the vehicle, taking sim racing to a new level of realism."

"With the ButtKicker Britcar-Endurance PPR E-Series we see a great opportunity to reach a broad audience of both sim-racers and live motorsport fans" says Andrew Luden, Guitammer’s Head of Gaming. "Britcar and PPR have assembled an impressive line-up of live and sim-racing stars and we’re thrilled to see the racing that results!"

David Hornsey, Britcar Technical Manager and E-Series Consultant "We’re excited to have the E-Series return for another season after the fantastic racing we had last year. To have such a well respected brand from the gaming world such as ButtKicker come on board as title sponsor really brings home the reach and potential of Esports. During last year’s lockdowns I ran the inaugural season of the E-Series as a bit of fun when we couldn’t race for real and I came to appreciate the level of work involved in running an Esports series is similar to its real life counterpart! To have PPR onboard to manage, officiate, balance, host and live stream the championship not only brings a fantastic level of professionalism to the series but allows me to concentrate on the end of the real world series whilst the E-Series is in safe hands."

James Warren, Owner PPR Esports "PPR are privileged to be working alongside Britcar-Endurance and ButtKicker for this e-series. As an organisation we have been fortunate enough to ride the initial sim-racing "boom", and we cannot wait to carry this forward. Working with Britcar-Endurance and ButtKicker, we will be able to provide the ultimate Britcar-endurance sim racing experience later this year. At PPR we aim to offer the best racing across a whole host of sims, and our experience should set us up perfectly to provide an elite hosting experience for these organisations who strive for excellence like us"