Kester Cook

Home Town: Stoke Mandeville

From: Hillingdon

Occupation: Motor mechanic

Marital status: Married

Hobbies and interests: A bit of mountain biking; spending time with my family

Racing CV
Started racing in 2010; raced in CSCC Tin Tops, also MSVR TDC, TDT and Supercup. Won Class S Championship in 2016.

Team name: SBD Motorsport

Sponsors: SBD Motorsport, Performance Engine parts developers and suppliers

Car history: Started with a Mk.3 Golf GTi, used for 1 season. Bought 2x ex-German Ford Motorsport Fiestas which have been modified

Why did you choose Britcar: Its nice to try new racing clubs and I have been with MSVR for 10 years so I would like to try a new challenge and 2x 50-minute races in one day certainly will be a challenge!