With masses of experience, garnered over decades of racing, ex-F1 driver Mike Wilds was an obvious choice for the new role of Britcar Driving Standards Consultant. Working alongside Rob Hedley – Technical Director & MSA Championship Clerk Martin Bean, they will be keeping a close eye all on-track activity to ensure fair and respectful driving, both from the Clerk’s office and from track-side locations. Mike’s new role will begin at our forthcoming round at Donington and will continue until further notice.

Mike said, "I would like to thank Claire and Rob Hedley and all the Britcar team for appointing me onto the Driving Standards Committee for their Championships.

I suppose some of you will feel that it’s a bit like ‘Poacher turned Gamekeeper’ having me in this role!

All I can say is that Britcar is very close to my heart having competed in it for many years and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

I would hope that using some of the experience gained over 52 seasons of racing, my imput will help Britcar remain safe and fun Championships for many seasons to come."