The new Britcar management, keen to acknowledge the commercial needs of the ever-changing GT racing arena and in response to popular demand, are allowing Sports & GT cars into the Dunlop Production Championship. By opening up the Production Championship to the GT & Sports Cars the management are essentially aligning the classes for the new Championship with those of the Dunlop Endurance Championship. This will allow more competitors to sample the Britcar family of Championships and also give the opportunity for driver/owners to race on their own with the shorter format.

As a result of these changes to the Dunlop Production Championship has had its name changed to the Dunlop GT & Production Championship

The first round of this new and upgraded Championship is at Snetterton on the 7th May 2016.
The weekend will be:-
1 x 20 min Warm Up
1 x 30 min Quali
2 x 50 mins Races
All GT’s are eligible from today to take part in this newly upgraded Championship.

If you would like more details please feel free to contact the Britcar Endurance team using the details on the contact page.