Silverstone Grand Prix
2-hour championship race
Endurance/Praga Category round 4
3rd July 2021

Endurance category
1.Marcus Fothergill / Dave Benett141
2.Peter Erceg139
3.Will Powell / Dave Scaramanga138
4.Chris Goddard / Charlie Hollings137
5.Bobby Trundley / Aaron Morgan134
6.Hugo Cook / Sacha Kakad133
Praga category
1.Christopher Wesemael / Richard Morris146
2.Richard Wells / Alex Kapadia141
3.Chris Bridle / Ed Bridle125
4.Jack Fabby / Charlie Martin124
5.Gordie Mutch / Abbie Eaton114
6.Rod Goodman100
Trophy category
1.Steve Griffiths / Jamie Vinall-Meyer126
=Simon Baker / Kevin Clarke / Oille Reuben126
3.James Colburn / Sarah Franklin / Ben Colburn117
4.Peter Spano / Andrew Bentley 112
=Richard Higgins112
6.Steve Cook / Edward Cook106
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