Javier Morcillo was a popular and successful Britcar competitor in recent years, sharing first a Porsche, then more notably a Mosler, with Manuel Cintrano, giving us some memorable lead battles and some close-run victories. Now concentrating on his racing school in his native Spain, Javier returns to Britcar for the eSeries races at Spa. So, what are his thoughts on his likely performance?

"I hope to be at correct level!, I am not a serious sim racer, only for fun the odd weekend, so not sure ill be at the right level. My biggest handicap will be the Assetto Corsa plataform, that I have never used before, so will have to get used to. It’s very different to the real thing, a different matter, but good fun anyway and great way to compete… and be in Britcar again! My expectations – none!"

Britcar welcomes back one our most exciting and personable drivers – he may fare better than he expects.