It definitely was their weekend – Chris Bialan and Simon Mason took the Jabbasport / Sim Dynamics Cupra to another overall and class victory, the car feeling, in Mason’s words, “comfortable, like a pair of slippers”.

Maurizio Sciglio takes the inside line through Copse in Sunday’s sunshine

Bialan took the lead from the rolling start, and it briefly looked like Lee Goldsmith’s BMW could threaten Axel van Nederveen’s second place in the white Datum Ginetta G56A, while Maurizio Sciglio made an atypically slow start and spun in the pack on the opening lap, and sadly Mark Jones, following some slight nudging, careered off into the gravel at the first corner in the olive green TSR Audi TT, and would go no further. Asha Silva was hanging onto the tail of Marco Anastasi’s G56A in the Team BRIT BMW, fending off Rob Ellick’s Audi TT for the class lead, and in the Clio class it was the usual close-packed quintet, with High Row new recruit Thomas Jack Lee leading.

Pit stop success penalties applied for this race, and once they were all taken, the maximum 15 seconds awarded to the Cupra meant that van Nederveen would have a five-second advantage after the stops – and he made the most of it, with Simon Mason, now in the Cupra, working hard to get past the leading white Ginetta, which wasn’t making it difficult, the Dutchman had the pace to stay in front, and it took a slight error in the Loop, when the G56A went wide, for Mason to slip through into a tenuous lead. Late race pit visitors were Noah Cosby, down on power in the Team BRIT BMW240i, and Bobby Trundley in the squad’s 1-series, taking a stop/go for yet another outside-of-the-window mandatory pit stop. Also in was Marco Anastasi, retiring his G56SA with a suspected transmission issue; was this the first Datum mechanical retirement in their three seasons of Britcar competition?

The Team BRIT BMW 240i forced a late pitstop to fix a glitch

So Mason took the Cupra to it’s second win of the weekend, though it wasn’t the trouncing of the first race, van Nederveen certainly was the best of theG56As this weekend, and was just under two seconds shy at the flag this time, with Lee Goldsmith a lonely third in the Geoff Steel-run BMW M3, his best event of the season which earned him the Rowe Driver of the Day award. Maurizio Sciglio brought his Ginetta home fourth, atypically off the podium and 40 seconds behind the winning Cupra, while lone driver Rob Ellick took a comfortable Class 2 win in the TSR Audi TT, after the Asha Silva / Noah Cosby Team BRIT BMW240i took a late stop to sort a glitch. It was Dragon Sport 1-2 in the Clio class, Matt Hyde taking the win in the machine started by Alex Nevill, and Jack James, having relieved Sam Neser, coming home just 0.139 seconds ahead of Maurice Henry, who had taken over the #88 High Row car of Hadley Simpson. Andreas Georgiou and Travis Chapman were a solid fourth in the Spires Motorsport Clio, and erstwhile class leaders Thomas Jack Lee / James Harrison had a late-race issue which dropped them down to fifth. The penalty for Team BRIT protagonists Bobby Trundley and Caleb McDuff in the BMW 1-series dropped them behind Class 3 victor Alex Turnbull, who put in his usual solid run in the SVG Ginetta G40.

Words: Steve Wood, photos: Chris Valentine