Dunlop Endurance Championship Logo
Oulton Park Island
26th October 2019
After Round 6
1. Paul Bailey / Andy Schulz 298
2. Tim Docker 279
3. Mark Cunningham / Peter Cunningham 266
4. Tim Gray / Alastair Boulton / Grant Williams 206
5. Paul Calladine / Graham Roberts 181
6. Jonny MacGregor / Ben Sharich 153
7. Adam Hatfield / Adam Knight / Ian Humphries / Benji Hetherington 152
8. David Mason / Ross Wylie 148
Welcome to The Home of British Endurance Racing
We at Britcar Endurance are pleased to announce our PROVISIONAL dates for 2020 for our new Trophy categories. The dates for Endurance will be posted shortly.
For nearly 20 years the Britcar Endurance Championship has been at the forefront of promoting affordable and realistic multi-class endurance racing in the UK, in a format where "Gentleman" drivers, hobbyists, professional racers and up-and-coming youngsters can achieve equal success. The multi-class system, two-driver format with pit stops, refuelling and tyre changes involves a real team effort and reflects the true spirit of global long-distance racing.
The Britcar Endurance championship has grown from a starting point of a random collection of displaced GT and saloon cars to the premier UK endurance racing series that it is today. Split into carefully controlled classes, our format ensures that all competitors can equally taste success, no matter their racing background or experience.
Britcar's new management - now entering its third season - has built on the success of previous years whilst continually improving the whole pacakge, from impressive hospitality to regulations that ensure a fair and competitive racing structure, all conducted in a convivial paddock atmosphere.
With many of Britcar's drivers owning their own businesses, or being in senior positions in corporate employment, competition rivalry on track can also be complemented by networking in the convivial atmosphere of the hospitality suite, offering potential B2B opportunities.
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