Team BoosTED are taking part in the ButtKicker Britcar 24hours of Silverstone this weekend in their GT4 class Aston Martin Vantage. BoosTED Motorsports has been going for well over half a decade, and in 2021 the team partnered with Team Virage, a real-life motorsports team that regularly races in endurance events and recently won the Le Mans Cup. BoosTED takes great pride in partnering with Team Virage, particularly as they are still an amateur organisation. They have a tendency to punch well above our weight despite this, and have won countless championships across the esports world. They’ve perhaps most notably competed in events run by WSR World Sim Racing, a recommended community of Motorsport UK, with a particular focus on the World GT Championship. They also regularly enter endurance events and some of the more unusual disciples in iRacing.

Team BoosTED driver Toby Ward had this to say: “I’m not gonna lie – in a GT car, I’m definitely the slowest out of the bunch of drivers we’ve got. But I do have a lot of good racecraft – you kind of have to be when you’re the British No. 16 and in the Top 300 globally in Dirt Road (mostly for Rallycross)! My main highlight was finishing 2nd Overall in the Official Rallycross Fixed league for Season 1 of this year. I’ve also placed well in Race to the Summit, which is perhaps the biggest hillclimb competition in iRacing.

It was that that actually inspired me to take up Hillclimb in real life, which I’ve taken numerous class wins in this year. I have been racing in a GT86 which I plan to switch out for an MX5 next year. My main highlight was competing at Coventry MotoFest, which is my home event, in front of hundreds of thousands of people on closed roads (and got my first class win in!).

Best of luck to Team BoosTED in this years race.