With the 2023 edition of the ButtKicker Britcar 24 hours of Silverstone esports race just 2 weeks away the entries are coming in thick and fast with a grid of over 40 cars already entered. The leading GT3 class is the best represented with 25 entries so far. GT4 is hot on the heals of the GT3 cars with 13 entries and the TCR class building with 3 entries at the time of writing.

One big advantage of sim racing over the real world equivalent is the amount of information available to teams and drivers to help fine tune their cars and hone their strategy.  Live data available to the teams and drivers and post session data far out strips all but the biggest budget real world teams.  One company bridging the gap between real world and virtual motorsports is VBOX with their VBOX SIM package. This uses the same in car VBOX LapTimer display screen that’s used in real world motorsport and uses a software interface, the VBOX Simulator Software, to take data from the sim and display it on the OLED screen of the VBOX LapTimer.  Acting in the same way as it would on track, the VBOX LapTimer is able to use the serial race data to provide you with an invaluable insight into how your current lap time compares with your fastest.  In addition, its high brightness colour LEDs give an indication of your speed relative to your fastest lap. The fully synchronised video and data can then be analysed in VBOX proprietary and excellent Circuit Tools software allowing you to quickly identify where time is being lost and where time can be gained around a circuit.  This is the same software that the real world teams and driver use to analyse their VBOX data so has the same functionality and ease of use.

Any interested teams looking to join the race can head over to the Motorsport UK event page on SimGrid for all the information: https://www.thesimgrid.com/championships/5110

If you want to find out more about the VBOX SIM Package click on this link to go to their page: https://www.vboxmotorsport.co.uk/index.php/en/vbox-sim-pack