With a full grid and hundreds of eager drivers about to take part in the ButtKicker Britcar 24 Hours of Silverstone on the iRacing platform over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd December, a couple of Britcar and the British Endurance Championship’s long term sponsors are venturing into the virtual world to support the simulation version of the iconic race.

Goodyear have been with Britcar since its inception over 20 years ago and have supported the real world championships and races via their family of brands, starting with Dunlop and recently with Goodyear. Every lap of the real world Britcar 24 hours and the current British Endurance Championship and Britcar Trophy Championship have been run on Goodyear/Dunlop tyres, their commitment to performance and durability across their whole range being cornerstones of their success which has led them to supporting competitors from club racing all the way to the 24hours of Le Mans.

Goodyear Operations Consultant Steve Cox said “We’re excited to engage with the sim racing world to open doors to the virtual world from the real world of motorsport“.

Powering Britcar racers through the years has been Sunoco race fuels. With the growing consciousness about the sustainable future of motorsport Sunoco have developed the fuel Sunoco FAS which is made from 70% sustainable elements leading to 65% reduction in green house gas emissions. Always keen to explore the future of racing in all it’s guises Sunoco support all arms of the sport from circuit racing to drifting and everything in between so it feels only natural for them to embrace the newest form of motorsport. Their push to produce sustainable fuels are making a real impression in the motorsport community and it is only natural that their support of the virtual 24 hours will help to spread the message of being able to enjoy the sport in its many forms for decades to come.